The Tufa family vinery is located in the hilly landscape of Lundra, between Dajti and Tirana. It reminds you of the Tuscany and Piedmont wineries, a unique landscape rarely found elsewhere.

This prestigious winery stands between historic vineyards and rolling hills with perennial olive groves, where you can feel the freshness of the Dajti Mountain microclimate and the surrounding hills.

Our home is a picturesque winery situated next to our vineyards, which resemble an artistic puzzle and are carefully curated. Recently our staff has been practicing bio-dynamic methods in the cultivation and growth of vineyards, as well as environmental impact care.



The Vineyard at Rrahi is our main production block of various grape varieties. This vineyard is located in the hilly area of Lundra.
The soil structure is medium and sandy. This allows the nutrients to be assimilated as quickly as possible into the plant.



The Tufa family vinery offers a limited amount of private tastings that take place only with prior meetings. Space is limited, so we encourage you to book in advance no less than 48 hours in advance.

You are welcome.

Address: Lunder, Tirana, Albania
Mob: +355 67 400 3003
Email: lundrawine@gmail.com

Apart from the our winery, you can find our products in all supermarket and market chains as: Big Market, Spar, Jangolli, Anna Market, Eco Market, Etc.

Wine can be part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Excessive or inappropriate consumption of beverages containing alcohol can cause health problems as well as road accidents.

“Albanian Story” by Alma Çupi - Lundra wine elite quality!